16 Simple Fall Wedding Ideas for a Stunning Celebration (2024)

16 Simple Fall Wedding Ideas for a Stunning Celebration (1)

Something about a cozy fall wedding just feels special. Maybe it's all the warm, rich tones like amber and evergreen that you can use or the opportunities for seasonal touches like a hot chocolate bar or s'mores kits. No matter what theme you're considering for your celebration, you'll find inspiration to make it your own in some of our favorite fall wedding ideas for everything from the tabletop to your bridal bouquet.

First things first: Pick and book a wedding venue. It will set the tone for your fall wedding and serve as your starting point for planning. It may even influence your wedding color palette. Those colors will guide all your other decor decisions, from invitations to floral arrangements and table linens. It can be beautiful to choose fall wedding colors that complement the natural landscape, like rich browns, burgundy, burnt orange, and deep green, especially for an outdoor fall wedding. You can opt for dried foliage instead of fresh flowers to bring texture to the tablescapes and add shimmering accents by way of brass or silver candleholders and flatware. Remember to be mindful of the weather. Setting out blankets or space heaters to keep guests comfortable is a thoughtful gesture, especially in the late fall.

Indoor fall weddings can really play into the cozy factor of the season with moody lighting and seasonal refreshments. Offer festive foods and warm fall drinks like spiked cider. You can keep table settings simple with a few orange mums and votives, or play up the elegance with collected candlestick holders and amber glassware. And of course, don't shy away from incorporating a few pumpkins displays here and there.

Whether your style is rustic, boho, or minimalist, we've rounded up creative fall wedding ideas to help kickstart your autumnal mood board. You just might want to want to pin them all!

Let Soft Colors Pop

16 Simple Fall Wedding Ideas for a Stunning Celebration (2)

Try playing with muted colors for a rustic fall wedding tablescape. Here, soft grays mix stand out against a natural wood tabletop and are accented by the glint of polished copper flatware. Meanwhile, soft natural grasses spill over a textural table runner and peek out of each place setting.

Make It Look Effortless

16 Simple Fall Wedding Ideas for a Stunning Celebration (3)

Breezy linen and a simple fall table runner of pears and greenery look effortless and welcoming. Hang an iron candelabra for added ambiance.

Lean Into the Season

16 Simple Fall Wedding Ideas for a Stunning Celebration (4)

Skip the jack-o'-lanterns and cobwebs, but keep the hay bales, caramel apples, pumpkin piles, and fall flower arrangement for a fall wedding that's peak October fun.

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Break Out All the Candles

For a rehearsal dinner or intimate indoor reception, this fresh green garland accented with simple pillar candles, taper candles, and mini white pumpkins makes an elegant statement.

Set Out Apple Place Cards

16 Simple Fall Wedding Ideas for a Stunning Celebration (6)

On a budget? Fresh (or faux) apples make darling place card holders. Complete the harvest theme with burlap and kraft paper accents and fresh herbs.

Make Boho Pumpkin Centerpieces

16 Simple Fall Wedding Ideas for a Stunning Celebration (7)

For a laid-back bohemian fall wedding, try white pumpkin planters filled with succulents. They subtly nod to the autumnal season without going full-on rustic.

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Brighten Up Pumpkins

16 Simple Fall Wedding Ideas for a Stunning Celebration (8)

This cheery, modern fall tablescape plays into the theme while staying true to the bride and groom's colorful spirit. Peppy pink, peachy orange, and white pumpkins create a table runner that's seasonal but less familiar and expected when paired with fuchsia linens and gold flatware.

Create Understated Elegance

16 Simple Fall Wedding Ideas for a Stunning Celebration (9)

For fall weddings, deep jewel tone colors often fit the vibe best. We like how this table setting looks light and fresh but on-theme at the same time thanks to the beautiful balance of delicate greenery with saturated deep red and pink flowers.

Choose a Refined Rustic Setting

16 Simple Fall Wedding Ideas for a Stunning Celebration (10)

Naturally, a barn setting is one of the most idyllic backdrops for a fall wedding. One way to elevate a rustic location is with metallic wedding chair decorations and tabletop choices, like chargers and candleholders.

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Send Soft, Subdued Invites

16 Simple Fall Wedding Ideas for a Stunning Celebration (11)

Set the tone for a simple fall wedding from the get-go with a modern stationary suite in muted earthy tones and soft shapes. We love the botanical motif on this stationary suite's wax seal.

Carry a Natural, Tonal Bouquet

16 Simple Fall Wedding Ideas for a Stunning Celebration (12)

An organic arrangement of fall leaves, grasses, and wildflowers would look so charming for a casual outdoor fall wedding. You can carry through the choices to your wedding party's personal flowers, including corsages and boutonnieres, and the tabletop arrangements at your reception.

Consider Jewel-Toned Corsages

16 Simple Fall Wedding Ideas for a Stunning Celebration (13)

These sweet and seasonal corsages using fall flowers would look stunning against black tuxes for a more formal affair. Burgundy ranunculus steal the show, while subdued lamb's ear softens the flower's rich color.

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Go for Classic Elegance

16 Simple Fall Wedding Ideas for a Stunning Celebration (14)

If you're after a refined, elegant atmosphere, take inspiration from this classic arrangement set in an aged brass vessel and featuring peachy roses, red carnations, and orange mums.

Choose Earthy-Hued Corsages

16 Simple Fall Wedding Ideas for a Stunning Celebration (15)

Rust-colored mums, pampas grass, and eucalyptus make for a simple yet very seasonal and colorful corsage.

Serve a Seasonal co*cktail

16 Simple Fall Wedding Ideas for a Stunning Celebration (16)

Offer at least one drink with a seasonal twist, like these caramel apple mimosas. Apple cider mixes well with whiskey and rum, or you could serve hot mulled wine straight from a slow cooker if you're taking a DIY approach.

Get the Recipes

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Cut a Dramatic Cake

16 Simple Fall Wedding Ideas for a Stunning Celebration (17)

A dark green cake is the perfect foundation for simple evergreen florals. We love this look for a late fall wedding, especially if the vibe is moody and dramatic.

16 Simple Fall Wedding Ideas for a Stunning Celebration (2024)


How do you do an outdoor wedding in the fall? ›

For the ceremony, outdoor space heaters and heat lamps can make your guests comfortable. Once the sun goes down, a tent with appropriate heating is recommended. Since there is a risk of rain or mud, take that into account when determining the length of dresses for the bridal party.

What is a timeless wedding theme? ›

Greenery, white roses, elegant wedding dresses, beautiful table settings, chic invitations, and more!

What is the perfect month for a fall wedding? ›

Fall Weddings: September, October, & November

The changing leaves provide a gorgeous backdrop for your wedding photos, while the cooler temperatures allow for comfortable outdoor ceremonies and receptions.

What is the best month for a fall wedding? ›

The numbers simply don't lie - 43% of all weddings happen from September - November, according to a recent study by The Knot. Look even closer and you'll find that October is the most popular month to get married in the United States.

How can I make my outdoor wedding beautiful? ›

Utilize natural elements: Take advantage of the beauty of your outdoor location by incorporating natural elements into your decor. Use wildflowers, leaves, branches, and stones to create simple, yet elegant centerpieces and decorations.

What colors are best for a fall wedding? ›

You can also take color inspiration from the changing leaves and go with an autumn orange, mustard yellow, or deep maroon. Want a more muted look? Opt for a charcoal or caramel gown, or even consider a sophisticated black dress (that's right, you can wear black to a wedding). The options are truly limitless!

What colors should guests wear to a fall wedding? ›

Colors tend to be moodier: wine, plum and midnight abound. A long-sleeve dress is perfect for outdoorsy venues, especially if the night air is chilly. Stilettos and pointy toes can be tricky on grass, so a block heel or platform is the safest bet.

What makes a wedding classy? ›

Classic elegant wedding

This wedding aesthetic prioritizes traditional decor and other details that will never go out of style, such as monograms, pastel wedding color palettes, formal and black-tie dress codes, and fine china.

How can I make my wedding look classy? ›

Classic Wedding Colors

You can incorporate hints of blush, dusty blue, lilac, sage green or soft yellow into stationery, flower arrangements and decor to add color in an understated way. Finally, use metallic silver or gold accents to give your color palette a touch of shimmer.

How do I find the perfect wedding theme? ›

Think About Your Personal Style. Your wedding should be a reflection of you and your partner's personalities and interests. Think about the things you both love and use that as inspiration for your wedding theme. If you're both avid travellers, a wanderlust theme could be perfect.

How do people celebrate weddings in things fall apart? ›

The palm-wine ceremony begins in the afternoon as soon as everyone gathers and begins to drink the first-delivered wine. When the new in-laws arrive, they present Obierika's family with fifty pots of wine, a very respectable number. The uri festivities continue into the night and end with much singing and dancing.

What time should a fall wedding start? ›

In this case I'd recommend a 5:00 ceremony if you're having a ceremony no longer than 30 minutes. This means for the post-ceremony time, you'll have the remaining sunset light for gorgeous bride and groom portraits. Without a first look, you should consider a ceremony start time no later than 4:00.

How to decorate for a fall wedding on a budget? ›

Decorations For Autumn Wedding Receptions

For a rustic theme, you could choose items like hay bales and wooden decor. If you'd like a more elegant wedding style, you could paint some small crates or ladders white, then add flowers, framed photos or other pretty decorations.

Is October too cold for an outdoor wedding? ›

Where we are in Northern California, Summer temps are 90-100 degrees, while Winter temps are typically in the upper 40s through 50s. In October, it can be as warm as 75 or as cool as 65, which I think is perfect.

Is it worth wedding in the fall? ›

“Summer weddings often come with unbearable heat, and winter weddings can be bitterly cold.” Autumn offers a more temperate climate ideal for indoor and outdoor events. The milder weather during this season allows guests to enjoy the celebration without having to contend with extreme temperatures.

What do you wear to an outdoor fall country wedding? ›

For your wedding guest dress, think of earth tones or warm hues, especially for Fall and Winter rustic weddings. Men can opt for dark brown or dark green suits or ties to be on theme. Women can focus on a natural mix of earth tones across tights, cardigans, dresses, skirts, and pants.

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